Make No Mistake That Running Is Truly A Discipline.

Getting out the door is not always an easy task. But we runners are an addictive breed that thrive off the benefits and the positives that become even more apparent as we age.


The purpose of this website The Senior Runner is to share experiences which will range from the actual runs to health, diet, and life style.

I do not know many senior runners who do not excel in most areas in their lives. It is the whole ball of wax deal. If you have the discipline to run everyday, there is a cross over into other sects of your life.

What will be opened up in a forum/blog concept will be comparisons between Morning, Afternoon, to Evening running and also long distance versus middle distance to a shorter training program. Racing versus non competitive running, to running in the tracks versus running on the road. These are just a few areas to discuss as i am getting your juices flowing.

You by no means have to be a senior runner to enjoy this site. There is a need to vent as seniors to the specific enjoyments and problems us seniors have. Should we weight train and do push ups? or only run? How much is enough or too little in regards to time or mileage? I have not missed a day in over three years and often run twice a day. So is that good? Well it works for me with my mental stress of running a large company.

So enjoy and contribute and hope to get to know many Lady and Gent runners around the world and share my senior experiences.

Festival of Senior 1 Mile Run or Walks

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The days one hates Running

Life is full of Bio Rhythms especially at times of a senior runner. The combo of a hard work week and lots of family responsibility combined with some problems in both work and personal worlds, makes it tough sometimes to … Continue reading

Always remember you are an athlete

My one business partner David, tips the scales at a little under 400 pounds. About six months ago, with that weight, he quit a long time smoking habit so that was a start. I was all over him to maintain … Continue reading

Runner’s High

Early evening runs, where I go out and run at a nice, relaxing, pace for half an hour to an hour or more, are just heaven! Most folks work during the daytime, and morning runs are a perfect meditation for … Continue reading

The Streak

Many of us have “running streaks” which consist of many years of not missing a day of our favorite addiction–running. We do have to consider the price we might have to pay for not taking days off, and consider whether … Continue reading


Okay, so maybe you ran many years ago. Maybe you loved basketball or soccer or weight training. So running after many, many years away from the sport puts you at the beginners level at age 50, or older. So how … Continue reading


The best policy in my opinion is the old adage that if you leave it on the table and two days later it is spoiled, then it is good for. But reality is as follows. We all have different constitutions. … Continue reading

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