Always remember you are an athlete

My one business partner David, tips the scales at a little under 400 pounds. About six months ago, with that weight, he quit a long time smoking habit so that was a start. I was all over him to maintain an excercise discipline which for him walking made the most sense. He had in the past been inconsistent in trying to maintain a walking discipline and had a lot of excuses. Finally he understood as a young 34 year old man that he could be leaving behind a beautiful wife and 2 adorable children with three grown up step children. We have a beautiful rubber running track here in Baguio with pine trees surrounding the facility and it is a jovial place with early morning joggers and athletes from the national team working out.

Well David has now maintained his discipline, 5 days a week and will get a 6th day in every so often. Some of the initial problems of being overweight such as lower back problems have gone away and i can see he is addicted to this daily ritual. His eating habits are gradually changing which is part of the whole ball of wax. I do walk with him once in a while as a so called mentor and there are many very average runners on the track enjoying themselves.

So where are we going here. Well David is up to two and a quarter miles per walk. I figure less then 25% of the world population walks two miles a day. David is an athlete in my eyes as are the runners out there that struggle to do their short runs but maintain the daily discipline. So my words of wisdom are as such. When you go out for your daily exercise, think of yourself as an athlete as it is important to remember you are one of so few that can maintain a daily routine. I promise you this attitude will help you to improve immensely and will give you the self esteem one needs to make your walk or run or whatever your sport of choice is, a lifetime endeavor which of course gives you inner freedom

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