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So how do you get out the door? It’s 7am and chilly and your feeling tired.

vicks_vaporub2So you have the 2 or 3 cups of coffee and feel much better. So what’s next? I put Vicks Vapor rub on my knees and my shoulders and lower back and then a good smear over my forehead and sometimes on the side of my face and bridge of my nose. It feels like a menthol awakening. Wow! What a push out the door and i am alive and awake and ready for my run. During the run i often rub some of the Vicks on my face to the bottom of my nose to open my passages. This is a redistribution process as i don’t carry a canister with me, that would be nuts.

This really works as a stimuli for me and from what i have read and felt, it is harmless. For afternoon runs i apply Vicks the same exact way but abstain from the coffee and usually follow the bottle of water path before the run.

So this really makes a difference of getting out the front door for me. What is your magic formula?


I think most of us have our normal routine of our 15 minute run a day or our one hour run a day depending on how serious we are, or how much time we have, or how much we can physically take. For me, it’s forty five minutes to an hour daily of fairly repetitive runs. I usually try to change my routes and also have many days each month where i have a second on any given day. If i know i will run a second time i might cut down on the distance of my first run.

Then there are days of feeling sluggish that might lead to a shorter run by listening to your body. If you are an addicted runner like myself, then you need to run everyday.

So one day one might run slowly and the next day faster and the next day faster with a desire to put in some kind of speed work which are usually referred to as surges.

But then comes the weekend or a weekday where one needs a blowout of a nice, long relaxing run in the country or by the beach. For me it’s approximately 2 hours of running at a very comfortable pace and wow this is my favorite run. First comes the sense of accomplishment, not to mention an intense runner’s high. Equally as important is these runs are fun. I try never to push it but just to have fun. So i call this a blowout and always try to get one blowout in a week if possible. Tell us about your experiences.


Wow what a week. Because a family member was in a bar room brawl this last week, I was forced to form an intense legal strategy at our attorney’s office filing a complaint against the kids who attacked my G-d son. There will be a meditation Tuesday morning. His younger tougher brother saw one of the eight people that beat on my G-d son and chased him with a metal baseball bat, fun.

Our GM went to Hong Kong on Friday for vacation and the chain of command fell apart. Also two key employees went AWOL that I had to sequester them to get back on board.

So as we know, life can be trying and these events are far off course. So that’s when running even becomes more therapeutically good for the head. My daily runs increase to alleviate pressure during the trying times and it works. An even longer Sunday run for two hours and the cleaning process is complete.

So during difficult times, running becomes a savior for me and often a need to pick up the mileage and pace. How about you, what is your experience?

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