What Food Labels Really Mean

Food labels can both help us and deceive us. They are generally there to guide you but unfortunately many of them are misleading. It’s hard enough to eat healthily already and the last thing we need is confusing labels. This infographic from HappyCleans takes you through what to keep in mind about food labels for your next trip to the store.

Natural vs. Organic is always an interesting one as many people would assume they are somewhat similar. However, it’s important to know organic is a much more powerful label than natural. Amazingly, the word ‘natural’ helps to sell $40 billion worth of food every year but it has no official definition and any guidelines relating to natural are only recommended. What you should really look for in the store is the organic label as this means that the food contains at least 95% organically produced ingredients.

Another label you may see at the store is one for brown eggs with many believing that they are a healthier and more natural alternative. However, egg color is determined by the breed of chicken that laid it and it does not mean the egg is healthier to eat. Find out more in the infographic.


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